Podcast Trailer

This is my Podcast Trailer Epiosde. In this I explain what my intentions are on this podcast.

BipolarPod Episode #1 - The Start

In this episode i explain my disorder and how I became diagnoised. It really is hard to talk about this stuff. Brings back so many memories that have effected me in such a way. Join me as we take a trip into the past and bring our selves to the present day. Enjoy.

BipolarPod Episode #1.5 - The instant you realize Mania | Bonus Episode

The moment I realized I was going through a Manic/Mania phase I hit the record button and let it flow. This is a bonus Episode for the BipolarPod Podcast.

BipolarPod Episode #2 - 3rd Times the Charm

In this episode we have a nice update after a vist with the theripist. We also have a conversation with my good friend Beastified.

BipolarPod Episode #3 - The Evaluation Day

It has come, the day we spoke with the Psychirist and got our first dose of medication. We speak to Cameron about the mental Heal th Stigma in the UK and other things. Enjoy

BipolarPod Episode #4 - Judith

In this episode we talk with Judith Critchley on Mental Health in the work place. Enjoy

BipolarPod Episode #5 - Rebecca Lombardo

In this episode we talk with Rebecca Lombardo and we talk about what really makes her Rebecca. Enjoy